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New exposure system for BT- Watzke capsules

It is called STM-Micro and it is the newest member of our machine park.

We have recently started using this direct exposure system, which allows us to process our designs digitally and use them to make stencils for screen printing. With SignTronic's STM-Micro, we are able to create several small screen frames at once. Screen printing has become an indispensable part of creative capsule design.


Advantages at a glance:
  • No lead time
    spontaneous changes to the digital print image
  • Process for manufacturing the screens has been optimised
    Labour time savings compared to the old process
  • No more intermediate steps
    Create print file - Load file into the machine - Screen frame is directly laser exposed
  • Contour sharpness improved
    no staircase formation
  • Multiple exposure in one production step
    3  side screens and 3 head screens can be produced in one step
  • Digital data processing
    Print data is electronically captured, processed and secured