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PET-Shrink capsules

Recyclable PVC alternative


Thermocap shrink capsules are available in both PVC and PET. PET is the more sustainable solution and at the same time a PVC-free variant due to the higher recyclability of the raw material.

Both the processability on the bottle and the equipment options for the capsules are similar for both types of plastic. The advantages and disadvantages of each material should be evaluated individually for each project, taking into account all influencing factors.


  • Scientifically, PET is known as polyethylene terephthalate.
  • PET and PVC are both based on crude oil
  • Compared to PVC, PET has a higher recycling rate
  • PET is resistant to oils, fats, alcohol, ...
  • Pure PET can be completely recycled, which makes it ecologically advantageous to other plastics.