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BT-Watzke - a business with tradition

The originating company was founded in 1892 and with a great deal of effort from its employees, the company managed to become Europe's premium supplier. There is no other factory worldwide producing a full range of capsules and wine screw caps at a single site. Capsule production combined with the machine shop producing and maintaining the equipment for production makes our factory truly one of a kind.

This unique set-up allows us to supply customers with products ranging from the simplest heat shrink capsule up to complex and high end Magnum bottle Tin Capsules. Other capsules in our product lines include capsules made of Polylaminate films, Aluminium Caps, as well as Champagne capsules. In production for the last decade, the vinotwist, (a 30x60mm BVS closure) is offered with all possible decorations including offset and silk-screen printing, embossing and hot foil decoration, and our minimum order is only one box of 1,200 pieces!

More than a century experiance and the in-house machine shop is used to train our young technicians for 4 years, giving them world class hands on experience making them experts at capsule production. This ensures that our products stay top of the line and keeps our customers completely satisfied!


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BT-Watzke History


Commissioning of a photovoltaic system with 813 kWp



130th anniversary BT-Watzke



Commissioning of a photovoltaic system with 192 kWp



1500 m2 expansion of the production area



Commissioning of a photovoltaic system with 198 kWp



800 m² expansion of the production area at BT-Watzke


Extension of the coating plant at BT-Watzke


BT-Watzke America founded by BT-Watzke


New construction of 1,880 m² dispatch hall at BT-Watzke


BT-Watzke receives STARS OF STYRIA award


BT-Watzke introduces the vinotwist brand


Takeover of Watzke by BT-Group on 7th February 2005 and BT-Watzke GmbH formed


Watzke moves into the newly built company building


Watzke factory partially destroyed by serious fire


Watzke returns to the bottle capsule production after the war


Watzke requisitioned to manufacture for the Wehrmacht


Watzke and Nagy partnership dissolved due to First World War


Capsule factory founded by Watzke and Nagy