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Alucap bottle caps

These quality caps from BT-Watzke stand out with premium design possibilities at an excellent price-performance ratio. After all, it doesn't always have to be tin.

Making your ideas become reality is our mission.

  • multi-coloured screen print on side and top
  • top embossing coloured and uncoloured
  • different top diameters and cap lengths available


Elegance and inert inside coating

On the one hand, Alucaps can replace poly-laminate caps for a finish without bond seam; on the other hand, provided the bottles are the right shape, aluminium is also suitable as a cost-efficient replacement for tin caps. To achieve highest levels of food safety, every BT-Watzke cap is coated on the inside which makes it the only cap in the world equipped with this additional protective measure benefitting consumers. Moreover, the coating lowers friction during application for an even prettier finish and better processability.

Side print

Always in view and an enhancement of your overall design.

Vent holes

Support your automated processing system.

Head embossing

Raised embossing is always a good choice.

Head print

Surprise onlookers with a personalised print.

No compromises

Unlimited finishing options even for small series.

Small quantities

Possible from as little as 1,200 units.

Technical details

Top Ø28,5-32 mm
Length40-65 mm
Cone1:10 - 1:30
Colouraccording to pattern
Side printingscreen printing in multiple colours
Top printing1 colours
Top embossingcoloured/not coloured
Top holes1-2-3-4