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vinotwist Olio

The quality screw cap with spout:

BVS premium aluminium closure with integrated spout for oil and vinegar - that's vinotwist Olio.

  • Easy dosage
  • Resealable
  • High quality finish
  • Practical handling

The tried and tested screw cap with functional interior complements your product with an exquisite closure design. With the practical spout nothing can go wrong and pouring is very easy.

Side print

Always in view and an enhancement of your overall design.

Head hot stamping

A highlight for your cap head.

Side hot stamping

Premium finish with many possibilities.

Head embossing

Raised embossing is always a good choice.

No compromises

Unlimited finishing options even for small series.

Small quantities

Possible from as little as 1,200 units.

Inner thread

Premium optics with no visible external thread.


Functional commitment for full customer satisfaction.